Salman “Da Bang” Khan

Hello everyone :)

This week most definitely belonged to Salman Khan, the real superhero of Bollywood….

His latest film Dabangg (or Da Bang, as I prefer reading it) broke all previous records of Hindi Cinema and became the highest first – day grosser (and also second day and weekend too !). Clap, clap, clap and all you men out there, you can remove your shirts before clapping…

This man is a genre by himself. He is the epitome of Indian male ego, narcissism in general etc etc. He knows every time he removes his shirt (which he started doing almost 15 years back), women only drool (may be in secret but that doesn’t matter). He knows that when he sings and dances women only gasp and men can’t help admiring his every muscle. He knows nothing sells better than raw sexuality. He really does know his USP. After all it is not an easy job to stay in your fans’ hearts for more than 20 years. Probably he has spent half his life in his personal gym. And ya the value addition in recent times is his crotch dancing (of course pioneered by none other than MJ himself).

He is truly one of the biggest brands of Indian cinema. I feel he is so much like Michaelangelo’s David turned to life. Imagine David roaming around your city…..ya he is something like that.

Long live machismo, long live super manhood, long live Da Bang!

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