Saint Bono a hypocrite?

Hello everyone :)

Okay, this is my 50th post in six months 😉

The chosen one this week is Bono from U2. He is always in news but this time for all the wrong reasons…

As we all know, he is the lead singer of the Irish band U2. He is mostly the writer of all U2 songs taking political, social and religious themes. He has worldwide fan following and perhaps one of the most rebellious voices of modern times. He has been nominated for Nobel Peace Prize, was granted an honorary knighthood by Queen Elizabeth II, was named the person of the year by Time. He has organised and played many benefit concerts and has really influential friends.

This rebellious artiste has a very well known philanthropic side and is widely known for his activism concerning Africa for which he co-founded many charitable organisations of which ONE is the one in question. ONE has attracted many celebrity philanthropists and has collected a huge amount of money over the years. Unfortunately a very small amount has actually gone to the real charitable causes. Many are saying that Bono has a huge expenditure for fancy sunglasses which have become a part of his aura…

I dunno what else to say about this rock n roll superhero, this noble saint in search of peace, this one man army to save the planet from starvation.

Please google for more details…


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