Oral Sex is close to zero?

Hi again :)

That cheeky title for today’s post is for Rachida Dati… you must be wondering who the heck she is. Well, no problems, because most of us didn’t know her name till yesterday. Here is the lady in question…

She is France’s glamorous former Justice Minister (Sarkozy makes it a point to recruit only glamorous ones as we all know). Anyways, so she has made an embarrassing Freudian Slip during a television interview two days back. She confused financial inflation for oral sex (fellatio) 😉

I am quoting her exact words here – “have only one objective: excessive levels of financial returns. When I see some of these funds asking for returns of 20 or 25 per cent, at a time when fellatio is close to zero…”

I remember reading about Winston Churchill’s famous French faux pas in this context. He spoke a heavily Anglicised version of French. So once in Paris he said – “When I consider my behind, I can state that it is divided into two equal parts.” He wanted to say “When I consider what is behind me…” :)

We all know that the internet can be frivolous and very very cheeky sometimes. And unfortunately for this glamorous lady, this one has already become an internet phenomenon.

Dati for obvious reasons is very upset with her faux pas and found it strange that the mistake was the only thing which came out from her speech.

No issues my dear lady, the internet will forget you in no time!

p.s. On a serious note, I guess we men (21st century ones) are still not ready to hear ladies talk about serious subjects. Are we?

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