Oral Sex is close to zero?

Hi again That cheeky title for today’s post is for Rachida Dati… you must be wondering who the heck she is. Well, no problems, because most of us didn’t know her name till yesterday. Here is the lady in question… She is France’s glamorous former Justice Minister (Sarkozy makes it a point to recruit only […]

Saint Bono a hypocrite?

Hello everyone Okay, this is my 50th post in six months 😉 The chosen one this week is Bono from U2. He is always in news but this time for all the wrong reasons… As we all know, he is the lead singer of the Irish band U2. He is mostly the writer of all […]

Corruption, Chaos & Commonwealth !

Hi there! There is an emergency in the middle of the week. Commonwealth games, yes… Is it a good idea to criticize my own country, my current city, my own people, my home? – NO for sure. I have been very hesitant about this post since last night. But then I realized that – all […]

Salman “Da Bang” Khan

Hello everyone This week most definitely belonged to Salman Khan, the real superhero of Bollywood…. His latest film Dabangg (or Da Bang, as I prefer reading it) broke all previous records of Hindi Cinema and became the highest first – day grosser (and also second day and weekend too !). Clap, clap, clap and all […]

The three monkeys of cricket

Hello The chosen one(s) this week are …ya as I said…the three monkeys of cricket – Amir, Asif and Butt (not sure if the names are in right order) I used to be an ardent cricket fan once….a long time ago. I have seen many greats play – Imran Khan, Vivian Richards, Kapil Dev (I […]

The F-God is here!

Hi Ya, the chosen one this week is the father of half a billion faces across the globe, the F – God, Mark Zuckerberg… The facebook population is equivalent to the third biggest country on earth, only after China and India! And it is only increasing every moment. If you are on the internet, you […]