The Tiger and his curious Club!

My dear Tiger Woods,

Today, I want to give you your much deserved break! The media has been going on and on bashing and lashing you left, right and center. No one is hearing your side of the story. This is so grossly unjust! It’s perfectly alright to have a curious club. Curiosity killed the cat, but never the big cat as far as I know.

With your kind of stature, money and fame…trust me I understand how those bootilicious babes must have ensnared you. How many of us will be able to resist such irresistible temptations? This is an open question to all you men out there. No one ever asked you what you must have gone through and suffered as a family man. The pallor on your otherwise gritty face is so much visible these days. I know it must be the children. Only a father can understand the mind of another.

But you can’t give up. Believe me, most of your fans have already forgiven you. Just get on with your game dude and make your children proud of you. Your name will be written in history and not your critics’.

And as far as the escapades are concerned – I feel, it is so much better to sin and to repent than to repent for not having sinned! Chill and get back to using your club in the right manner again.

After all, once a Tiger, always a Tiger!


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