The Tiger and his curious Club!

My dear Tiger Woods, Today, I want to give you your much deserved break! The media has been going on and on bashing and lashing you left, right and center. No one is hearing your side of the story. This is so grossly unjust! It’s perfectly alright to have a curious club. Curiosity killed the […]

A new-born at 10, Downing Street!

Hi there Another week begins. A fresh one, full of possibilities. A blank canvas again. We can begin anew, leave all our problems aside and start living every moment. All of life. Because life is precious. How easier everything becomes if we can go back to our childhood again and have a different take on […]

Jay Z the richest rapper

Hi everyone It’s Monday again. And the chosen one this week is Jay Z… Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter topped a list of the richest rappers in a recent 12-month study with $63 million in personal income. After all, everything is controlled by crude money and it is quite an achievement for this successful man. p.s. I […]

It’s my personal favorite, Robbie Williams this week

Hello everyone So how are you guys ? Hope everyone is doing well. And what’s wrong with me? Well, actually nothing…I have been going through some existential crisis as always :). And I will say a few words in praise of the ninth art i.e. the humble comic strip… I have an innate ability to […]

Naomi Cambell and her best friend, a blood diamond!

Hi everyone Hope all of you had a relaxing weekend. However, I didn’t Anyways, the chosen one this week is the 40 something supermodel Naomi Campbell… For all the wrong reasons though. Former Liberian President Charles Taylor, around 13 years back presented a few dirty looking stones to her. Now those stones were blood diamonds […]

Chelsea Clinton’s fairytale marriage

Hi Yes, Chelsea Clinton is an overnight celebrity because of her fairytale marriage. And she must be here 😉 It started with a poem as they said their wedding vows – ‘The life that I have is all that I have, and the life that I have is yours.’ How surreal Barack Obama was not […]

Peppery Jolie from SALT

Hello again Yes, the chosen one this week is the peppery Angelina Jolie from the movie SALT. She is one of the most attractive women (consequently one of the highest paid) in the world and can be seen everywhere these days for her action-packed thriller “Salt”. Her size-zero (or should it be in the negative) […]