The return of the Spanish Armada

Hello everyone :)

We all are a little groggy today after too many late nights due to the football fever. Like any other version of the tournament, this one too had its fair amount of agony and ecstasy, heroes and zeros. I am a die-hard Argentina fan and it was disappointing the way they were sent out of the tournament. However, ever since then I have tried my best to enjoy total football and have kinda been a little partial to Spain. Especially because of today’s caricature which I made before the finals 😉

As predicted by many pundits, the great octopus and of course bookies around the globe, Spain had the last laugh. A victory well – deserved !

So here is my tribute to the Spanish Victory…

The Spanish coach Vicente del Bosque has truly been the most effective and nonchalant manager this year. Three cheers to his team and hearty congratulations!

See you shortly…

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