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Hope all of you had a fantastic weekend.

This week most definitely belonged to Christopher Nolan. And he deserves a standing ovation.

I remember Andre Bazin’s (who nurtured Francois Truffaut and still remains the most important critic of cinema) famous quote in this context – “to produce great cinema, we first need to be a great audience”. Big words but very true.

Nolan’s ground-breaking film “Inception” is not a nice movie but a great one. Like any other great piece of work, this too has its share of complexities and convoluted sub-plots (imagine reading a classic. They seem so boring and confusing in the middle). Watching the movie is almost like reading Freud’s psycho-analytic case studies. Four layers of dreaming, use of totems, Escher’s Penrose triangle, infinite steps (visual paradoxes) – it’s more than a film ! However, he used the term “sub-conscious” instead of Freud’s famous “pre-conscious”.

The scene where a street in Paris comes up and places itself on top of another street, thereby creating a visual maze is the most remarkable. And more than that the lady placing two mirrors opposite each other to break the loop of infinity is a stroke of genius! I so loved that scene…And then the way Nolan brought Escher’s drawings to life is incredible. I always knew his liking for visual paradoxes (check the “Droste-effect” in the¬† “Memento” poster and also the idea of his first movie¬† “Doodlebug” and also the poster of “Prestige”).

Nolan proved that an idea is truly the most resilient parasite…

A must- see film….please go and watch!


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