Maradona sent to concentration camp!

Hello again :)

I am heart-broken. Did you watch the Argentina – Germany match ? Omg! Such a humiliating, disappointing defeat! My emotional favorite Argentina is not there anymore. So I ain’t watching any semis ….finals I will think about 😉

So the newsmaker this week is of course my demi-God, Maradona. Please applaud once again.

He tried his best. Remember him a few years back. He cut such a sorry figure. Now look at him…he is so full of energy again. And all he wanted to do while coaching his team was to have the ball to himself. His energy caught everyone’s attention and sometimes his cult overpowered his own team. Two Hublot watches on both hands (Argentine and local time respectively) and one good-luck rosary couldn’t save him this time. May be God is hand-less these days. I am sure the whole media has already sent him to a concentration camp.

But, my dear demi-God, you are my childhood superman. I truly believe that it is never about winning or losing. May you always remain a winner in everyone’s heart! Love you!

Au revoir

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