Father of Tintin!

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I have no idea why I have not spoken about this man before. Perhaps the most influential artist of all time, the father of comic book and also of the most famous fictional hero Tintin. Here is Herge….

He is so influential that I have named my own son after his creation! Yes, I call him Tintin :)

“The Adventures of Tintin” has been translated into more than 50 languages around the world. And Warhol and Lichtenstein both consider him a very strong influence.

His pseudonym is the French phonetic pronunciation of the letters “R” and “G,” taken from “Remi” and “Georges.” He didn’t draw Tintin’s famous quiff until the second book. In the first book, Tintin’s hair was combed to the front, but during a chase scene in a vintage car, Tintin’s hair flew back, thus giving him his trademark quiff. And oh ya btw, Belgian Society of Astronomy named a small planetoid, situated between Mars and Jupiter, after him :)

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