Dali, the real dandy!

Hello everyone :) .

Today’s free caricature goes to the greatest dandy of all time, the Catalan Surrealist – Salvador Dali.

This caricature and Dali, both are personal favorites btw. This is the first successful caricature which I drew almost four years back. And am feeling a little nostalgic about it ;).

Now more about Dali. I love him because of so many reasons. He was a true visual mathematician (I have a soft corner for Mathematics) who could masterfully interpret Albert Einstein’s relativity theory. Remember his melting clocks ? He also translated Freud’s papers on psychoanalysis through his artworks. He was a great showman with excellent marketing skills (mostly bizarre though). His antics sometimes drew more attention than his artwork.

Love his eccentricities, his penchant for the unusual, his love for the perfectly algorithmic rhino horn and of course his moustache.

Hail Master!

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