The new symbol of the Indian rupee

Hello everyone   Another relaxing weekend comes to an end. So the newsmaker this week is, ya it is not a human being…but the new symbol of the Indian rupee. Here it is… Of course I have stylized it a bit! The tricolor doesn’t come actually. “The parallel lines at the top (with white space […]

Father of Tintin!

Hi there I have no idea why I have not spoken about this man before. Perhaps the most influential artist of all time, the father of comic book and also of the most famous fictional hero Tintin. Here is Herge…. He is so influential that I have named my own son after his creation! Yes, […]

One man’s dream

Hi Hope all of you had a fantastic weekend. This week most definitely belonged to Christopher Nolan. And he deserves a standing ovation. I remember Andre Bazin’s (who nurtured Francois Truffaut and still remains the most important critic of cinema) famous quote in this context – “to produce great cinema, we first need to be […]

Wayne Rooney, the ugliest player in the FIFA world cup

Hi there This is the final post about FIFA world cup. Enough said and done! Wayne Rooney has been chosen the ugliest player in the world cup and I can’t agree anymore. Btw, he is also the most abusive. Overall, the English football team has a lot of ugly men (as per the online survey). […]

The return of the Spanish Armada

Hello everyone We all are a little groggy today after too many late nights due to the football fever. Like any other version of the tournament, this one too had its fair amount of agony and ecstasy, heroes and zeros. I am a die-hard Argentina fan and it was disappointing the way they were sent […]

The woman behind Tim Burton

Hello again A month back, my best friend from Prague (yes, she will write my graphic novel on Madonna one day) suggested I must draw some good looking women here ;). She especially mentioned Helena Bonham Carter. In fact, I too have always liked her. Consequently today’s free caricature goes to the woman behind the […]

Maradona sent to concentration camp!

Hello again I am heart-broken. Did you watch the Argentina – Germany match ? Omg! Such a humiliating, disappointing defeat! My emotional favorite Argentina is not there anymore. So I ain’t watching any semis ….finals I will think about 😉 So the newsmaker this week is of course my demi-God, Maradona. Please applaud once again. […]

Dali, the real dandy!

Hello everyone . Today’s free caricature goes to the greatest dandy of all time, the Catalan Surrealist – Salvador Dali. This caricature and Dali, both are personal favorites btw. This is the first successful caricature which I drew almost four years back. And am feeling a little nostalgic about it ;). Now more about Dali. […]