The roundest ball ever :)

Hi everyone :)…a very happy Monday to all of you.

Just three more days and we will have the most exciting event of the year, the World Cup Football. I just can’t wait anymore ;). So the chosen one this week – no it’s not any celebrity but the official Adidas football which is making news everywhere – Jabulani.

This World Cup ball is called Jabulani, which means “to celebrate” in the Bantu language of Zulu, one of the official languages of South Africa. And this is the roundest ball in the history of football, 27% rounder than any other ball. Adidas used only eight panels to build this ball, which the company insists keeps the shots straight. Tiny grooves on the ball also capture wind currents, keeping air off the surface, resulting in a more true flight, according to Adidas. The company has a fetish with the number 11; the ball features 11 colors, representing 11 players on a team, the 11 official languages in South Africa and the 11th straight World Cup for which Adidas has manufactured the game ball.

But there is one more side to it. Everyone is complaining about this ball. All highly skilled players of the game are finding it very difficult to control Jabulani.  Some players are calling it “horrible” and some “disastrous”. Players are also saying that when Jabulani is kicked, it flies like a wounded duck.

Adidas insists that once the whistle blows to start the games, the controversy will subside. That’s probably right, since both sides play with the same ball. And moreover I am sure this weird ball will make the game more interesting i.e. there will be more goals ;).

So just 72 hours more and we will see the Jabulani in action.


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