Mad about Madonna!

Hello again :)

All my friends have been complaining that my blog is getting boring! No women! Where is the spice? So….today’s celebrity who I truly, madly, deeply love is – yesssss……Madonna. Please give her a big hand.

I, like so many of you, grew up on a staple diet of Madonna and Jacko. She is always so special. This is an old drawing and most definitely not a caricature. Even this one is not….

Let me share a secret with all of you today. I so want to do a graphic novel on Madonna and her songs. I can start it off only when my best friend from Prague does the writing. I believe she can really do a fantastic job because she too has the same admiration for her. My friend has promised that someday she will find time to write it. So till then……let me get back to iTunes 😉

Merci beaucoup !

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