The chosen ones this week

Hi and a very good morning (or evening) to all of you.

It’s not one but two celebrities this week :). I tried hard but couldn’t avoid either of them. And on top of that I was ready with both the caricatures.

Anyways the first one is a silent superhero. I admire him a lot. This is the man who has almost single-handedly led the IT revolution. The man with the most charming smile – Bill Gates! Please give him a big hand. He truly deserves it.

He is here today because he has done something truly great which the bureaucrats of my country couldn’t do in more than sixty years. This unassuming, philanthropist superhero has adopted a very backward village in my country. The complete village I meant. It’s Gularia village in Bihar state of India. At present, the village, comprising mainly Mahadalits, considered poorer than dalits (yes we still do have a very strong caste system in the villages and dalit means untouchables), does not have even basic civic amenities like running water, electricity, schools and health centres. He has also offered huge amounts of money for other villages like this. Please clap again and I guess he deserves a standing ovation!

And now the other one. It’s the sexaholic French President Nicolas Sarkozy. You can clap or do anything else. Your choice!

Two years ago, the French President and his supermodel, demanding wife spent a few weeks in the Windsor Castle. And they allegedly kept the Queen waiting because they were making love! Oh my God! He even kept Prince Charles waiting at some other time. May be because of the same reason!

I, however, empathize with this diminutive head of a state. Monsieur, every husband is scared of his wife and each one is henpecked. Just that, some call it fear and some love. So carry on with your regular routine and let us enjoy a few jokes ;).

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