It’s Pablo Picasso this week!

Hello world :)

A very happy beginning of a brand new week. I would be a little caught up tomorrow morning…so doing this a few hours beforehand.

Anyways, the chosen one this week is Pablo Picasso ( I am  sure you read the heading). And here is the master…

We all know that he was a virile man and had many inspirations and muses. But today he is here because of owning perhaps the most expensive mistress of all time. His painting “Nude, Green Leaves and Bust” depicting his the then mistress Marie-Therese Walter was sold off at a record $ 106.5 million at the Christie’s last week. Btw, he died 37 years back!

However, Marie-Therese Walter had a sad end. She had a terrible time with him and eventually committed suicide after the master’s death. But that’s out of context here. The interesting thing rather would be to mention the most famous pickup line which Picasso uttered for her. In 1927, when he was 45 years old, he noticed a young (only 17) Marie-Therese Walter in front of the famous Lafayette store in Paris. And he approached her with the words: “My name is Picasso and I would like to paint you!” Was that not amazing 😉 ?


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