Hugh Hefner is the chosen one this week

Hello again :) Happy Monday!

The chosen one this week is – ya you guessed it right! High Hefner, the founder of the Playboy magazine which we all loveĀ  ;). Please give him a big hand!

The land in which the iconic “Hollywood” sign stands on was recently put on sale. And our dearest sugar grandpa paid a hefty 900000 US dollars to save it. So the sign remains unscathed. This is really an awesome thing to do. Trust me grandpa, we all love what you do and if someone says otherwise, he is just plain jealous. Please keep up the good work. We love you!

However, this is a great opportunity for him to immortalize his name and work. So don’t get alarmed if the Hollywood sign stands a little tweaked in near future. May be something like this…

Have a nice day and see you soon :)

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