Exploring van Gogh

Hi everyone :)

I have been a little caught up this week. In fact, I am yet to decide the celebrity for Monday.

Anyways, today’s free caricature goes to – Vincent van Gogh, perhaps the most important bridge between classical and modern art. Here he is…

The perfectly insane painter in an absolutely sane world. The painter who made his clouds move for the first time. Yes, I am talking about those spirals in most of his paintings. He never bowed down to any of the artistic conventions of his time and found his revolutionary style. He never sold any of his paintings! He was never recognised in his lifetime and died at a very early age. His collaboration with Gaugin is also a very interesting event in the history of art. Today however, he is the most important brand ambassador of Holland. We have successfully sold his artworks in every conceivable way. The people who know how to make money had the last laugh after all. So all is well that end well!

This is one of my most experimental caricatures till date. Converting those post-impressionistic spirals into pop art was quite satisfactory.

Let’s salute the master!

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