An open letter to Steve Jobs

Dear Steve Jobs
First let me tell you frankly, how much I admire you. I became an Apple convert three years back and have been keeping a safe distance from all Windows products ever since. The quality of my work has improved drastically due to this shift and it also feels like that there is so much more color at my disposal. My Apple computer has become an integral part of my life. I do like everything Apple. Coincidentally, I even like the fruit. I admire your presentation skills and I love your revolutionary speech at the Stanford University on a Graduation day. I actually am emotionally involved with your products.
But, I also love Google, Adobe. Google because, it is so simple. Everything Google is so effective and so open. They too have revolutionized a lot of things. I trust Google, like many other people. While yours is a strictly elitist target audience, theirs is for everyone. And a true revolution can never happen without everyone becoming a part of it. I am sure you would agree. Adobe because, it is my livelihood. Like so many other designers and artists across the globe, I too earn my living through Adobe. And Flash is the most important tool I have at my disposal. Please don’t behave like a young woman in love. There are many good things in this beautiful world and I have the right to love all of them. First it was Bill Gates and now it seems that you are at war with everyone. This will definitely not push your product farther. Please choose love so that we all can love you wholeheartedly.
We all know iPad failed. I am not much of a techie. However, I won’t buy a iPad because of two things. It doesn’t allow multitasking. Come on, this is outrageous! And secondly because it doesn’t support Flash! I think I have already explained the Flash part. I don’t care too much about a camera though.
Please think about it again and understand that we expect you to produce the best gadgets at an affordable price. I have watched uncountable hours of porn on my Apple computer using Safari browser. And it has never stopped me! Then why so much fuss about porn on a iPhone? We all are adults and we hate moral police. Trust me we can learn things on our own and we hate being taught.
Whenever I am down in the dumps, I watch your “Think different” advertisement. It has such soul-stirring material. Such powerful words. I am sure everyone who has seen it, loves it. So please start thinking differently again and allow us to love you from the bottom of our hearts.
Location – Apple computer
Date – 12th May 2010

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