World’s sexiest woman ;)

Hello !

This again is an unplanned post. This is the sexiest woman in the world (according to FHM magazine) – Cheryl Tweedy (she won’t be Cole for long, we all know that)…

Hey, I know this is not a caricature :) Didn’t feel like spoiling such a beautiful face. Moreover it’s difficult caricaturing women with so much make-up on. We don’t know how much of her beauty is natural though (lips are highly suspicious).

Anyways she is the sexiest woman now and consequently the richest in Britain too. And it is difficult to imagine that even she has an errant husband ! However, I am sure this has worked as a blessing in disguise for her. See the surge in popularity (we all know Megan Fox is better. Don’t we?)…

See you on Monday again :)

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