The IPL Impresario Lalit Modi is the Chosen One this week

Hi there :)

Hope all of you had a fantastic weekend.

The chosen one this week is – the IPL Impresario Lalit Modi. Clap, clap, clap! And here he is …

I am not exactly an avid cricket follower. However, I love him because he has given us Indians, those cheekily cheerful bubblegum babes and he has singlehandedly changed the face, er, flesh of Indian Cricket. Long live hot pants (O my unbridled primitive instincts…O)!

One interesting observation here – no one has raised a single finger though, not even those morally upright, strictly monogamous political parties. The conclusion – we all love hot pants!

Another poor guy, who is always in trouble these days is Shashi Tharoor. Whatever he does turns into a political chaos.

One suggestion for him to survive : UNTWEET!



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