The Chosen One this week

Hello everyone :)

The Chosen One this week is – any guesses ?

Well, she is a live canvas, a modern work of art in motion, the most unpredictable, the kinkiest who can almost carry the entire world on her head.

A thunderous applause for the much beloved LADY GAGA !

And why is she the chosen one? She happens to be the only artiste in the world to have a BILLION online video views (Many thanks to my dearest friend from Turkey who suggested I do her this week).

Hail the Lady!

There is much more to the lady than meets the ordinary eye. But I don’t want to bore you guys so early in the morning with Occult Symbolism.

One suggestion though to our Lady dearest. If you ever consider performing in India, I have a very good head-gear option for you. You know the Rajasthani Folk Dancers have been carrying never-ending stack of utensils since ages…

Have a wonderful day



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