The Chosen One this week

Hi there Hope all of you had a fantastic weekend. So as promised, I will be uploading one celebrity caricature every Monday (who is making headlines anywhere). And the chosen one this week is …hold your breath…Now clap, clap, clap for Sania Mirza ! Now for my international viewers – I heard many of you […]

The other Bat behind the Blog

Hi again Thank you so very much for the overwhelming response. My inbox is full. I am so glad all of you have liked it. But I want more suggestions HERE :P. I am sure I am not asking for too much. Anyways before I forget, I must introduce you to the other Bat behind […]

Captivate the viewer or die trying!

Right now, I am elated and ecstatic and yes a bit nervous too. My first post after all It has been a long overdue…blog, blogger, blogging! Sounds impressive and a bit formidable to people like me who still are technically challenged and have no intention of correcting themselves either. Anyways, so why blog? Is it not […]